Wedding photography trends in 2017

wedding photography

It’s 2017, and the trend for a wedding photography is always changing. Based on a group of professional wedding photographers, they’ve come up with the following trends that expected to have a high demand for wedding photography. If you’re a wedding photographer, it’s important to know the trends and apply them to help support your brand in a competitive field.

Fashion based group photos

A group photo on a wedding day is standard. However, there’s recently been a demand or request for a high-fashioned group photo of friends and family on a wedding day. The picture consists of a group of your family wearing their best formal wear for the photo shoot. The photo shoot is focused on an editorial-like group photo. This type of photo is used for marketing purposes of a photographer to reel in more customers as they tend to be popular. Furthermore, a group photo is most likely to be shared as it is featured with the most important members of the family on a wedding day.

Assisted candid moments

Images that capture the perfect moments of your wedding will always be on trend. The difference with an assisted candid moment is that the photographer can sometimes assist the clients with expressing their true expression during the moment. This way the camera can highlight people’s natural emotion and true feelings during the shot.

Film photography

Film photography has made its comeback this year. The film look is making its presence everywhere in social media, digital cameras and apps too. The demand for film style photography is at its highest. More and more clients are requesting the film look on their wedding day. The reason why the film photography is still on trend is due to showing more colours, and it gives off a vintage feel on the image.