How To Market Your Wedding Photography Service

If you can reach the right customers, of course there’s a lot of potential to make good money as a wedding photographer. However, it’s not necessarily clear how to get your name out there and start finding new work. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

1) Get a professional website

The ideal starting point is to get online, and do it properly. All prospective clients will expect you to have a website so they can contact you and see examples of your past work. A professional-looking site will grab attention and set you apart from the competition, so this is not an area to cut corners on.

2) Build up a portfolio

This should be both online and in a physical form, ideally, so that you can always have it to hand when you meet with a potential client. To make sure all your best shots can be included, mention in your contracts that your customers are granting permission for their pictures to be used in your portfolio.

3) Contact wedding planners and shops

Any networking you can do with local businesses in a similar field should be very helpful. In fact, this can be mutually beneficial if you’re willing to recommend certain businesses to your own clients and vice versa.

4) Become a church photographer

Local churches are another good organisation to reach out to, as they may take you on as their official photographer and this is a great way to get more work.

5) Attend exhibitions and shows

To physically meet up with large numbers of people who are interested in your industry, try signing up for events and trade shows in your local area which are designed for wedding-related businesses. You could also sidestep into anything related to general photography and see if you make any valuable contacts there.

6) Earn a reputation and spread the word

If you excel at what you do, clients should be more than happy to recommend you. This is how the photography trade tends to work, and after a while you can expect a lot of your customers to come from personal recommendations. However, in order to spread the word further, you need to make sure you are set up on online review platforms and encourage your clients to log in and leave feedback that can be seen publicly.