How to become a wedding photographer

wedding photographer

Photographers who are trying to make a living from their hobby may decide to look into an event photographer or a wedding photographer. These type of jobs can help photographers earn money on what they love to do. However being a wedding photographer takes a lot of work in the beginning. It’s also essential to be established at the start of your career. If you’re looking to get started with wedding photography, we recommend applying our tips below.


As a beginner, it will be hard to market yourself especially when you don’t have much experience to showcase. It’s ideal to offer your service for free as most people would take you on straight away. This will help you practise your photography skills and build your portfolio at the same time. The experience will also help you learn faster at becoming a wedding photographer.


While you are offering your service for free, you would also need to research everything you need to become a great wedding photographer. This research will involve learning a variety of things including photography skills, building your website, administration and photo editing. As you will be freelancing at the start, you will need to learn all the necessary skills of running your freelance lense


When becoming a photographer, you may need to invest in a few essential things such as camera accessories and lenses. Other stuff that you will need includes website services, soft wares and insurance.


Knowing the basics of marketing will help raise awareness of your service to potential customers. Luckily with the help of the internet, you can teach yourself on how to promote your service on social media including Facebook, Instagram and other suitable platforms. Another popular, cost-effective advertising includes Google AdWords.

Event photography tips

wedding photographyPhotographers are often called up for events such as parties or weddings. Photographers would need to be able to capture the atmosphere and the movement of people. Luckily, there are many tips that you can apply to achieve great photos during events. To help you get started, we’ve listed some useful tips that can help you improve your skills in event photography.

Photo editing

Once you have the shots, it’s time to choose the best photos for editing. Editing will enhance your images and make them look even more professional. It’s also ideal to know some basic editing or improve your editing skills in the long run as editing can make a huge difference in photos.

Dress to fit in

Although photographers are often known to be on the sideline during an event, it’s important to dress up and blend in with the crowd. You will need to mingle and communicate well with the people around you to produce great shots.

Take images before the event start

Normally clients will expect a shot of their venue when it’s empty and decorated. It’s an image where they can look back to and remember the event.

Quality over quantity

As a photographer, your job is to take amazing shots of the event so try not to take too many photos that are not of high quality. Only take shots of the important scenes and remove any unnecessary shots.

Be fast

Events are not the same as photo shoots as there’s always something going on. So it’s important to be focused and fast when taking shots during an event. You can change the settings of your camera to three frames per shot when taking a candid photo. Even though you need to be fast, make sure that you are capturing clear images on the go.

Reaching New Customers With Wedding Photography

This post is something of a sequel to our recent one about marketing your wedding photography service. You might find that you have exhausted all the traditional methods of building up a reputation and your business is just coming in too slowly. If this is a case, try some of these less conventional methods for getting new leads.

Run an online blog

It’s one thing using your best images in your portfolio online, but you need to be telling the story that goes with them in order to really make an impact on anyone who’s browsing. A blog gives you can opportunity to tell this story, and if you have it updating regularly (even scheduled in advance) this can be a great source of online traffic.

Create useful guides

Another way of getting your name mentioned in content and spreading it online is to come up with handy tutorials or guides that offer some real value to people. This proves that you have real experience and skills.

Use social networks

For photographers, social media is an ideal tool because people love to see professional photos of things like weddings on their personal feeds. This works especially well on Facebook and Instagram. You can also experiment with different channels and tailor your posts to each audience. Remember to tag people in pictures where possible so all their friends are exposed to your work and they have a prompt to share it further.

Advertise online

To get your name out there, you can use search engines, social networks or other websites as advertising platforms. Read up on your options such as Google AdWords, Facebook Adverts and more, then choose what suits your business the best and try it out.

Team up with a wedding planner

If possible, find a wedding planner that is in need of someone they can recommend to do the photography at their clients’ weddings. Even if this slot is already taken, you could work together to earn mutual publicity by doing a joint photo shoot.