Wedding Photographer Tips

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Becoming a wedding photographer requires various skills and effort. If you want to master your craft, it’s important to learn new skills along the way to help improve your photography. Most wedding photographers manage their own business, so it’s also ideal to know about this part. Below are some of our tips that you can apply.

Shoot Raw

Wedding photography is all about delivering images in high quality. Shooting raw allows you to capture every detail on the image. Raw photos that are edited are also less likely to lose the overall quality. Although it takes longer to shoot raw, it’s the best option for all wedding photographers.


Marketing is the business side of being a freelance photographer or a business owner. Without visibility, no customer will be able to reach and know about the services you offer. In today’s marketing, having an online presence can profoundly affect your business. You can start by building your website and setting up various social media platforms where you can show your portfolio to potential customers. Having a site is not enough; you may need to learn or hire someone who can help you rank your website on the search engine.


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, practising your craft is always beneficial to enhance your skills. Learning new trends and new ways to improve your image will also help increase the value of your service. The higher the value of your service, the more people will be interested in hiring you.


Your pricing is dependant on the level of your skills. If you’re a beginner, it’s understandable to lower your price that’s affordable. However, if you’re a professional, it’s important to price your service higher than usual. Don’t always price yourself too cheap as customers may take advantage of your service.

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography

Product photography is very demanding now due to the increasing number of e-commerce sites. If you have an e-commerce site, you can take photographs of the products yourself instead of hiring a professional product photographer.  Here is a DIY guide that will help you to take lovely product photography.


You will first need to buy a good DSLR camera for product photography. Nikon D800 is a good option. You can also use your latest smartphone to take the photographs. Though a DSLR camera is definitely better, some of the smartphones can produce very nice pictures. If you are using DSLR, you should know about the right ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Adjusting these properly will help you to take brilliant sharp photographs of your products. If you are using the smartphone then you can use the ‘auto-focus’ option. You can also download some Android or iOS apps to control some of the functions of the camera manually.


You should use a tripod to take the photograph of the product. If your hand shakes while taking the photo, the images will not be sharp; it will appear blurred. You can use a smartphone mount if you are using your smartphone for product photography. You can also use a timer to take the photographs.

White background

You should make sure that you use a white background to take the photo. This way the photo will appear sharper and brighter. You can use white backdrops so that the light is reflected back at the product. This prevents any color spills. For larger products, you can buy a sweep with a stand to create the backdrop.

Use natural light

It is better to use natural light than any artificial light. So, it is preferable to shoot near the window so that you can get enough sunlight.  You should select such a room for your product photography where there are windows and you can get lots of natural light. However, you should buy a reflector. This is because when you take a photo near the window, light only hits one side of the product. In order to spread the light across the entire product, you need the reflector.

Edit the photo

After taking the photograph, you should use a photo editor, like Adobe Photoshop, to edit the photo. See if you can make the background better or adjust the color of the picture. These small adjustments will make the photograph sharper.

When someone buys a product online, the person only sees the photograph of the product. So, you need to make the photo as lively as possible. It should show all the features of the product clearly. You need to read books on product photography and practice more in order to be a master it.


The advantages of hiring a professional wedding photographer

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A wedding is one of the most important events of our lives, so it’s important to capture the moment in a perfect way. Your wedding photos are precious as it holds memories and moments of your wedding. You would want your memories to be captured beautifully so it’s ideal to hire a wedding photographer that can capture those moments for you. There are many advantages on why you should hire a professional photographer. Let’s take a look at them below.

Fully equipped

Professional photographers are experts on using advanced cameras like DSLRs which produces great quality photos. They are also fully equipped with extra accessories and gears that are useful when taking a shot of your wedding moments. Many professional photographers are knowledgeable on using photo software that enhances your images.

Artistic Expression

They have their unique style of images. When looking for a photographer, you’ll find that they produce a particular style on their image. It’s important to choose a photographer that meets your requirements and your image preference. Although they produce a certain style of image, some professionals are flexible and can provide different styles of photography when requested.


Communication is an important skill, and many professionals should be able to communicate well with you. They are good with interacting with people and making them comfortable during a photo shoot. They are also great with assisting people during the shoots.

Experience and skills

A professional is experienced in a wedding scene. Therefore, they are already familiar with the event, and they will know when and where to take the perfect photos of your wedding day. They will also be experienced in working with different kinds of people and will have a more professional approach when working with you and the people that are attending your wedding.

Wedding photography trends in 2017

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It’s 2017, and the trend for a wedding photography is always changing. Based on a group of professional wedding photographers, they’ve come up with the following trends that expected to have a high demand for wedding photography. If you’re a wedding photographer, it’s important to know the trends and apply them to help support your brand in a competitive field.

Fashion based group photos

A group photo on a wedding day is standard. However, there’s recently been a demand or request for a high-fashioned group photo of friends and family on a wedding day. The picture consists of a group of your family wearing their best formal wear for the photo shoot. The photo shoot is focused on an editorial-like group photo. This type of photo is used for marketing purposes of a photographer to reel in more customers as they tend to be popular. Furthermore, a group photo is most likely to be shared as it is featured with the most important members of the family on a wedding day.

Assisted candid moments

Images that capture the perfect moments of your wedding will always be on trend. The difference with an assisted candid moment is that the photographer can sometimes assist the clients with expressing their true expression during the moment. This way the camera can highlight people’s natural emotion and true feelings during the shot.

Film photography

Film photography has made its comeback this year. The film look is making its presence everywhere in social media, digital cameras and apps too. The demand for film style photography is at its highest. More and more clients are requesting the film look on their wedding day. The reason why the film photography is still on trend is due to showing more colours, and it gives off a vintage feel on the image.

How to cut cost on your wedding photography

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Wedding planning involves a lot of costs, and if you have a budget in mind, it’s ideal to cut your cost down. Of course taking images of your most memorable day is important, but you don’t always have to spend a lot when it comes to your wedding photography. There are many ways you can save and still have a great gallery of your wedding at the same time.

Local Photographers

Instead of hiring a photographer elsewhere, why not hire your local photographer? Hiring locally will save you money as you won’t have to cover their travel expenses. Even if you’re wedding is going to be held in a different area, make sure to hire a photographer from that same area as well.

Research on costs

Finding out the average costs of hiring a wedding photographer is important when comparing your prices. You’ll also be able to stick to your budget when looking to decide on the best quote that works well for you. Although you’re looking to save on the cost, it’s ideal to compare the skills of the photographer and pick one that you like.

Book early

Some wedding photographer can provide a discount on your quote if you are booking in advance. Booking them way in advance also allows you to negotiate the price with the photographer.

Hire a professional for a few hours

Hiring a professional photographer with an amazing portfolio can be expensive, especially if you are hiring them for the whole day. If you are keen on professional photographers, you can still hire them and save costs by only hiring them on the most important moments of your wedding. For instance, you can hire them for an hour during your wedding ceremony.

Ask a friend

Ask a friend if they know a professional photographer. In most cases, you are most likely to get a discount from the recommendation of your friend. Or better yet if your friend is a professional photographer then why not hire them? You will definitely get a discount on this one!

How To Market Your Wedding Photography Service

If you can reach the right customers, of course there’s a lot of potential to make good money as a wedding photographer. However, it’s not necessarily clear how to get your name out there and start finding new work. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

1) Get a professional website

The ideal starting point is to get online, and do it properly. All prospective clients will expect you to have a website so they can contact you and see examples of your past work. A professional-looking site will grab attention and set you apart from the competition, so this is not an area to cut corners on.

2) Build up a portfolio

This should be both online and in a physical form, ideally, so that you can always have it to hand when you meet with a potential client. To make sure all your best shots can be included, mention in your contracts that your customers are granting permission for their pictures to be used in your portfolio.

3) Contact wedding planners and shops

Any networking you can do with local businesses in a similar field should be very helpful. In fact, this can be mutually beneficial if you’re willing to recommend certain businesses to your own clients and vice versa.

4) Become a church photographer

Local churches are another good organisation to reach out to, as they may take you on as their official photographer and this is a great way to get more work.

5) Attend exhibitions and shows

To physically meet up with large numbers of people who are interested in your industry, try signing up for events and trade shows in your local area which are designed for wedding-related businesses. You could also sidestep into anything related to general photography and see if you make any valuable contacts there.

6) Earn a reputation and spread the word

If you excel at what you do, clients should be more than happy to recommend you. This is how the photography trade tends to work, and after a while you can expect a lot of your customers to come from personal recommendations. However, in order to spread the word further, you need to make sure you are set up on online review platforms and encourage your clients to log in and leave feedback that can be seen publicly.

Affordable Photography

When searching for affordable photography and affordable wedding photographer that takes good quality photos, it may take a bit of research to learn about good equipment, portfolios and overall information about a photographer before making a decision. Below is a good idea of what to look for when choosing an affordable wedding photographer.

There is a range of cost for every wedding photographer, depending on what the client prefers. If the client is on a budget, the best bet is to decide on a beginning photographer. The started photographers are more than willing to do a great job focusing on details because they are eager for the clients to spread their name by word of mouth. They also come at a great prices, usually under a grand.

If the client has a higher budget, they may want a moderate or even up scale wedding photographer. These established photographers should have a portfolio including a progression of professionalism shown in the photos. They come at greater cost, up to £5,000, but the choice is a smart one. A client will be happy with the photos taken as they have specified. The wedding photographer should have a vast knowledge in areas of different styles. If they specialize in a style, then most likely that is the style of wedding photography that will generally use. They make make an exception to the bride and groom if they want to expand their art form and general advertising base. Continue reading