How to become a wedding photographer

wedding photographer

Photographers who are trying to make a living from their hobby may decide to look into an event photographer or a wedding photographer. These type of jobs can help photographers earn money on what they love to do. However being a wedding photographer takes a lot of work in the beginning. It’s also essential to be established at the start of your career. If you’re looking to get started with wedding photography, we recommend applying our tips below.


As a beginner, it will be hard to market yourself especially when you don’t have much experience to showcase. It’s ideal to offer your service for free as most people would take you on straight away. This will help you practise your photography skills and build your portfolio at the same time. The experience will also help you learn faster at becoming a wedding photographer.


While you are offering your service for free, you would also need to research everything you need to become a great wedding photographer. This research will involve learning a variety of things including photography skills, building your website, administration and photo editing. As you will be freelancing at the start, you will need to learn all the necessary skills of running your freelance lense


When becoming a photographer, you may need to invest in a few essential things such as camera accessories and lenses. Other stuff that you will need includes website services, soft wares and insurance.


Knowing the basics of marketing will help raise awareness of your service to potential customers. Luckily with the help of the internet, you can teach yourself on how to promote your service on social media including Facebook, Instagram and other suitable platforms. Another popular, cost-effective advertising includes Google AdWords.